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In the digital age, where blockchain meets real estate investment, the Sky Hause platform stands out by offering its community a unique opportunity to partake in staking—a feature that's as beneficial as it is innovative. This section of our whitepaper is dedicated to unpacking the intricacies of the Sky Hause Staking Platform, detailing its operational mechanics, the philosophy behind its rewards system, and the profound impact it aims to have on both the Sky Hause ecosystem and the broader blockchain real estate investment landscape.

The Concept of Staking in Sky Hause

At its essence, staking within the Sky Hause platform allows $SKYH token holders to lock up their tokens for a predetermined period, thereby contributing to the platform's liquidity and stability. In return for their commitment, stakers are rewarded with additional $SKYH tokens, drawing from a dynamically managed rewards pool.

Operational Mechanics of Staking

Staking on Sky Hause is designed to be straightforward yet secure, with a minimum commitment period of one month to encourage sustained participation. Upon deciding to stake $SKYH tokens, users engage with a smart contract on the blockchain, which safely locks their tokens and records the staking period.

  1. Minimum Lock-In Period: One month, incentivizing longer-term participation and investment in the platform.

  2. Rewards Pool: Varies weekly, ranging between 25,000 to 1,000,000 $SKYH tokens, meticulously calibrated to balance rewarding token holders and maintaining token value.

Rewards Distribution: A Prorated System

The distribution of rewards is based on a prorated system, factoring in both the amount of $SKYH staked and the duration of the stake. This dual consideration ensures that rewards are distributed fairly among stakers, recognizing both their financial and temporal investment into the platform.

  • Stake Weight Calculation: The system assigns a weight to each stake based on its duration, with longer commitments receiving a higher weight. This weight influences the portion of the rewards pool allocated to each staker.

  • Example Scenario: If two users stake an equal amount of $SKYH, but for different durations, the user who commits to a longer staking period will receive a larger share of the rewards.

Formula for Calculating Stake Weight

StakeWeight=AmountofTokensStaked×DurationMultiplierStake Weight=Amount of Tokens Staked×Duration Multiplier

  • Amount of Tokens Staked: The total number of $SKYH tokens an individual user stakes.

  • Duration Multiplier: The multiplier applied to the stake based on the lock-in period. For Sky Hause, it’s 1x for 1 month and 2x for 1 year.

Formula for Calculating Individual Reward Distribution

IndividualReward=(IndividualStakeWeight/TotalStakeWeight)×TotalRewardsIndividual Reward=(Individual Stake Weight /Total Stake Weight)×Total Rewards

  • Individual Stake Weight: Calculated using the formula above for each user.

  • Total Stake Weight: The sum of the stake weights of all users participating in the staking pool.

  • Total Rewards: The total amount of rewards available for distribution.

Example Scenario

  • Staker A: Stakes 100 tokens for 1 month. Their stake weight is 100×1=100/100×1=100100×1=100/100×1=100

  • Staker B: Stakes 100 tokens for 1 year. Their stake weight is 100×2=200/100×2=200100×2=200/100×2=200

Calculating Total Stake Weight:

TotalStakeWeight=100+200=300Total Stake Weight=100+200=300

Calculating Individual Rewards:

  • Staker A’s Reward:

(100/300)×TotalRewards=1/3×TotalRewards(100/300)×Total Rewards=1/3×Total Rewards

  • Staker B’s Reward:

(200/300)×TotalRewards=2/3×TotalRewards(200/300)×Total Rewards=2/3×Total Rewards

Reward Distribution Schedule Starting April 20th, 2024, Sky Hause will begin its weekly staking reward distributions. This will continue for one year, rewarding members who have chosen to lock their $SKYH tokens. To participate, lock your tokens in advance and you'll receive rewards each week, consistent with your staked amount. Remember, only tokens that are actively staked and locked will qualify for this distribution.

The Strategic Importance of the Staking Platform

The introduction of the Sky Hause Staking Platform serves multiple strategic purposes:

  1. Enhancing Platform Stability: By incentivizing token holders to lock in their tokens, the platform ensures a stable base of committed participants.

  2. Encouraging Long-Term Investment: The rewards system is designed to reward longer commitments more generously, aligning token holders' interests with the long-term success of Sky Hause.

  3. Fostering Community Engagement: Staking creates an active, engaged community of investors who have a vested interest in the growth and success of the Sky Hause ecosystem.

Security and Transparency

In partnership with Armada Fi, the staking platform has undergone rigorous auditing to ensure the utmost security for our community's assets. Transparency is a cornerstone of the Sky Hause ethos, and as such, the details of the audit are publicly available, providing stakers with peace of mind regarding the integrity of their investments.

View Audit Report

Looking Ahead: The Evolution of Staking on Sky Hause

As the Sky Hause platform continues to evolve, we are committed to enhancing the staking experience with new features and opportunities. We envision a future where the staking platform not only rewards token holders but also plays a pivotal role in the decision-making processes of the Sky Hause ecosystem, potentially integrating staking tiers, special rewards for top stakers, and more.

The Sky Hause Staking Platform represents a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize real estate investment through blockchain technology. By offering a secure, rewarding, and strategically beneficial staking mechanism, we are empowering our community to participate actively in the platform's success. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to innovation, security, and the empowerment of our investors, with the staking platform being a testament to our commitment to these principles.

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