❔How It Works

A Comprehensive Guide

Sky Hause transforms the investment landscape by merging blockchain's transparency and efficiency with the tangible value of Real World Assets (RWAs). Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the investment journey, highlighted by a simulated investment scenario to illustrate the process and potential returns.

Step 1: Discover and Select Assets

Investors begin their journey on the Sky Hause platform by exploring a curated list of premium assets. Each listing provides detailed information such as location, features, expected yields, and the minimum investment required. Whether it's real estate, business ventures, or other RWAs, our platform offers diverse investment opportunities.

Step 2: Investment through SKYH Tokens

Acquiring $SKYH Tokens: To invest, users must hold a certain amount of $SKYH tokens, which serve as the platform's currency and a gateway to participate in asset investments. The required amount varies depending on the asset. Investors can purchase $SKYH tokens directly on supported decentralized exchanges. Additionally, these tokens can be staked to generate yield.

Step 3: Purchasing Asset Shares

NFT Ownership: Once an asset is selected, investors purchase NFTs representing fractional ownership shares. These NFTs are securely stored in the investor's digital wallet, serving as immutable proof of ownership.

Step 4: Earning and Receiving Yields

Passive Income Generation: Income generated from the asset, such as rental income from real estate or returns from business investments, is distributed proportionally to NFT holders. Sky Hause's platform automates this process, ensuring transparent and timely distribution of earnings.

Simulated Investment Scenario:

  • Asset Value: $1,000,000

  • Total NFT Shares: 10,000 shares

  • Price per Share: $100 (1,000,000 / 10,000)

  • Annual Yield: 10% of asset value ($100,000)

  • Investor's Purchase: 100 shares ($10,000)

Calculating Returns:

  • Investor's Ownership: 1% of the asset (100 / 10,000)

  • Annual Income: 1% of $100,000 = $1,000

Step 5: Trading Asset Shares

Marketplace Liquidity: Investors looking to exit their investment or diversify their portfolio can sell their NFT shares on Sky Hause's secondary marketplace. This offers flexibility and liquidity traditionally unavailable in RWA investments.

Sky Hause is revolutionizing how investments in RWAs are made by leveraging blockchain technology. This ensures that the process is transparent, efficient, and accessible, opening up new opportunities for investors worldwide. Join us and be part of this innovative investment ecosystem!

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